Leigh Hewer thanks Lesly McMillan & Dr Vic Lepp of the Vernon Community Dental Access Center.  Approximately 25% of Canadians (mostly the "working poor") cannot afford proper dental care, & untreated dental problems often lead to much more complicated & expensive medical issues.  Our hospital emergency room & local medical clinics regularly deal with preventable but untreated oral health issues, by issuing prescriptions for pain-killers to folks who can't afford the drugs or the dentistry to solve the underlying problems.  In response to this need, our Dental Access Center opened its doors in September 2012.  Dr Cindy Gammie, plus her dental assistants, are employed two days a week.  In addition, other local dentists, dental hygenists & assistants volunteer for a few hours during other times of the week in their four operatories.  Clients may qualify for 20 - 40% discounts from BC Dentist Fee Guide rates, & in special cases, an "Angel Fund" reduces costs even further.  Since opening, the Center has provided 1,792 clients $422,000 worth of services, using 3,759 volunteer hours.  No government funding, other than Gaming Grants, is provided.  Our club made a modest financial donation a couple of years ago at the urging of our 2008-9 President, Dr Vic Lepp.  Vic is currently the Center's Board Chair, & has devoted countless hours to organizing volunteers, planning & setting up the facility. (Photo by Keith Johnston)