Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) served to elect Officers & Directors for the upcoming July 1st, 2013 to June 30th, 2014 Rotary year, to hear reports from current Officers, Directors & Project Coordinators, & to conduct new business.  President-Elect Keith Johnston was acclaimed as President;  current Treasurer Janet Green was acclaimed as President-Elect; Colin Heggie will remain Secretary; & Rob Irving will be our new Treasurer.  Dominink Dlouhy, Wendy Hesketh, David Hoyte, Michael Poznanski, Sandra Ross & Dave Weatherill were elected as Directors, leaving one vacancy to be filled by July 1st.  Reports from Officers, Directors & Project Coordinators may be viewed by members in the AGM meeting minutes, found on our website under "View Club Documents."  An important piece of new business was the approval of an amendment to our club Bylaws (Article VII, Section 4) creating a "Senate," comprised of Past Presidents.  Our most recently retired Past President, Mike Wardlow, agreed to chair the group.  Members approved Ken Barton, Givonna De Bruin, Dr Craig Goplen, Don Miller & Martin von Holst as the other Senators for the remainder of our current Rotary year.