Posted by Colin Heggie on Jul 23, 2019
Colin Heggie hosted Dr Brian Guy & Bill Darnell, co-chairs of Vernon’s Climate Action Advisory Committee.  Brian was a founder of Summit Environmental Consultants; Brian was a teacher & founding member of Greenpeace.  Their Committee is tasked with providing a report to City Council in Sep 2020, following a process including public input.  Brian distinguished between climate change adaptation & mitigation.  He pointed out that climate changes are more evident in higher latitudes – Canada, Russia & the Scandinavian countries.  One in eight flora & fauna species are at risk.  Costs of repair, following serious weather & fire events are skyrocketing, so insurance industry professionals are among those best informed about climate change.  There are substantial short-term benefits from taking steps now to mitigate against future impacts.  We were invited to send our thoughts about how to adapt (prepare for change), & mitigate (reduce sources of greenhouse gases), to the Committee through