Cst. Kathy Szoboticsanec, RCMP School Liaison Officer, spoke about our RCMP Jean Minguy Memorial Youth Academy, held annually for a week at the Vernon Army Camp, in partnership with School District 22.  Grade 11 or 12 students interested in law enforcement receive insight into depot training & the demands placed on police officers.  Students are physically & mentally challenged through group activities & drills. Instruction in leadership, law & the role of police officers in the community is provided.  Participants are exposed to a wide variety of topics & resources, including polygraphs, emergency response teams, helicopters, canine units, forensics, etc.  The goal is to teach accountability, while giving both students & the RCMP a chance to look at each others’ career possibilities.  The actual cost of this program, similar to one run in Chilliwack, is about $500 per student, but participants are only charged $250.  Some alumni are available to help community groups like our club with their projects.  (Photo of Cst Kathy & Wendy Hesketh by Keith Johnston)
Insp. Jim McNamara (a Rotary Club of Vernon member) thanked us for our continued recognition of RCMP volunteers in the community.